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Water proofing should be a part of construction

Construction agents, organization or individual very often apply the traditional methods of water proofing or ignore the effect of premeable in RCC to over-came leakage problem in future years. Only realize the fact after huge damage to roof and other parts of the building.

Introduction - Leakage and Oxidation

Leakage and Oxidation is a common of all RCC. roof. Sooner or later all RCC roofs tends to have leakage. Leakage and oxidation in the RCC roofs is a process of decay due to permeable over a period of time. All cement based structures absorb water/moisture, passes through interconnected voids or pores. Water coming in contact with the reinforement forms oxide (rust) and reduce the durability of concrete in geometrical progression. Expansion and contraction of roofs at the extreme tropical climate is also another added factor to premeable.


To get rid of such problem many methods being applied for years, like grading, slop roof construction, addition of admixtures to ratio etc. or to cover the entire RCC surface by felt, tile or similar material.


Water contain in the ratio of concrete is one of the most vital reason for leakage in RCC slab. As only water evaporates from the concrete leaving pores or voids along with passage for permeable. Continuity of such pores allows water from one end to other develops leakage problem over the period of time. Addition of add-mixture at the time of roof casting or making grading on the surface or covering the entire roof surface by felt or tile etc. may not solve purpose of water proofing completely.


Best solution is to fill the pores with such matrial without disturbing surface of roof. Top surface of the roof is like crest and should not be chipped or dismantled. With a view to the phenomena, selection of sealing material is very important factor. Choice of selection should be able to self penetrate through the crest of roof to seal the pores and voids in the concrete and sustain the expansion and contraction of roof without blocking the breathing effect of roof and also have adequate elongation property.